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Appointment - Oh, Baby! (Er, make that babies...)

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My grandfather passed away Sunday night, so I'm here in Mobile all week, but I wanted to take a moment to report on my Tuesday appointments. Baby B is still head down (thank goodness), and both of the boys continue to tolerate the Indomethacin very well. Their hearts look great and so do their amniotic fluid levels. I'm still on 50mg a day for now, but I'll go down to half that after my next appointment on Tuesday. Then a week or less after that, at about 35 weeks, I'll be taken off of it completely. That's when the fun begins! I don't think the boys will wait long to make their appearance after that. We'll have a growth check at that last appointment with the perinatologist, so we'll have some idea of how big our guys are going to be.

At my appointment with my midwife, we basically just chatted about delivery details. Neither she nor the OB, Dr. Mehta, are going anywhere in August, so barring any family emergencies, we'll have both of them there.

I really wish my Grandaddy could have seen the boys before he died, but it just wasn't meant to be. I'll be able to tell them that their great-grandfather knew they were coming, knew their names, and was looking forward to having them here. Josh having Reed as a middle name pleased Grandaddy, I know, and it makes me happy to have that piece of him carry on with my son.
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