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Birth Story and Photos - Oh, Baby! (Er, make that babies...)

About Birth Story and Photos

Previous Entry Birth Story and Photos Aug. 23rd, 2005 @ 05:29 pm Next Entry
I arrived for my induction at 5:00 a.m. on the morning of the 17th as planned. It didn't take long for them to set everything up, and I was started on the Pitocin drip by 6:00. The contractions started coming hard and fast almost immediately. I was still wanting to have a natural birth, but with the unnatural intensity of the contractions, I knew I wouldn't have the stamina for it. After I was checked at about 9:30 and was only 3cm dilated, I couldn't see myself holding out for who knew how many more hours. Not with the contractions almost on top of each other like that. So I went with the epidural. The relief from that lasted for a while, and then the anesthesia roller coaster began. It would work, then not work, then only on one side ... the anesthesiologists got to know me pretty well throughout the day. By 4:00 p.m. I was completely dilated, and we started pushing. Josh was still laying transverse at the very top of my belly and was putting tremendous pressure on my lungs when I was pushing. That upward pressure made me feel very nauseous, and I was gagging with nearly every push. Jason and my mom took turns holding my leg and pushing down hard on Josh to give me a little breathing room. For 2.5 hours I pushed and pushed like that, but Jack was just not getting his head down underneath the pubic bone so he could come out. On top of that, my blood pressure (the reason for the induction to begin with) was not making anyone happy. I was exhausted, and I knew that even if I managed to get Jack out, there was no way I had the strength to push for Josh as well. I had no hesitation at all to have the C-Section at that point. The staff got the OR together and ready to go relatively quickly, but it still felt like an eternity to me since the epidural had long since almost completely stopped working. I hung out in the OR while the anethesiologist pumped me full of everything he could short of knocking me out completely. I have to give him credit - he could have just decided to put me under, but instead he let me choose to start the surgery even though I still had some feeling in my belly. It wasn't bad at all, but I could definitely feel the stinging cut of the scalpel. Before I knew it, I was hearing one cry and then another a minute later. I got to give them each a quick kiss before they went off to the nursery for their evaluation. Neither had any problems breathing or anything like that, and they were back in my room with me shortly after.

We came home less than 3 days later, and the boys continue to do well. They've both had some jaundice, but the levels are going down as they should. I've had problems with breastfeeding and have had to take a prescription medication to get my milk to come in, but I think that's beginning to improve now.

Here are some photos ... Enjoy!

Jack makes his appearance in the world!

Josh follows shortly after.

Mommy holds her boys for the first time.

Brotherly love!

Jack now 6 days old. He looks more and more like Jason every day!

Josh is our little worried man with his forehead full of wrinkles.

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