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The End - Oh, Baby! (Er, make that babies...)

About The End

Previous Entry The End Aug. 29th, 2005 @ 02:33 pm
This is the last post for my pregnancy journal. I had all kinds of scrapbooking plans and so forth that just never got done during my pregnancy, but this is one thing I managed to stick with, and I'm proud of that. It will help me remember all of the details when I finally do get around to those scrapbooks and things.

It was difficult for us to get pregnant, difficult to stay pregnant, and delivery was no easy feat either, but now we have two beautiful little boys for all the effort. God knew we wanted two children, and He also knew what problems we would face with pregnancy, so I know without a doubt that these twins happened because of more than just chance. We have been truly blessed. And that's an important thing to remind yourself of when you're up every hour in the night tending to the demands of two little miracles!

I'm planning some changes to FoleyFun to accomodate the new arrivals, but that will have to wait until my extra moments aren't spent catching up on sleep. In the meantime, though, that's where you'll find photos and updates on the twins.
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