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Sheep and Stuff - Oh, Baby! (Er, make that babies...)

About Sheep and Stuff

Previous Entry Sheep and Stuff Aug. 10th, 2005 @ 03:52 am Next Entry
I had appointments with both my midwife and perinatologist today ... well, I guess technically it was yesterday since it's almost 4am now and no longer Tuesday. Anyway, my midwife and I talked a little more about delivery specifics, and she measured my giant belly just for kicks. I'm the size that a singleton pregnancy would be at 43 weeks if the baby were to still be growing at a normal rate at that time. I am a walking example of why pregnancies do not last that long.

At my perinatologist appointment, we had a heck of a time trying to monitor the babies. They simply would not be still. We spent a total of about an hour and a half before and after doing the ultrasound just trying to get the heartbeats on the monitor long enough to record them. The nurse had one receiver thingie and chased around Baby A, and I was in charge of trying to keep the other receiver thingie on Baby B. To be able to make this work at all, I had to lay mostly on my back which is a sure-fire way to bring about contractions. So that ordeal was loads of fun. Then they decided that my blood pressure is now of concern. It's definitely been up above my normal barely-alive level this whole pregnancy, but apparently I had some protein in my urine yesterday, and that combined with the obscene swelling in my feet and legs set off alarms. I had to submit to the vampires in the hospital lab, and I'm doing a 24 hour urine collection. The only cure for pre-eclampsia is delivery, and since that is very likely to happen in the next week or two, I'm not sure why they're going test-happy now, but whatever. The babies continue to look perfectly healthy, so this isn't affecting them. The doctor decreased my Indomethacin dosage to one pill a day as expected, and when I go back to see him on Friday for one last check, I'll be taken off of it completely. We'll have a final growth check that will give us a good estimate of how big these babies will be when they make their appearance since I'm assuming it won't be long thereafter. Baby B decided this last week to be a little stinker and move himself into a transverse position (sideways), but that doesn't really affect delivery plans, and I'm hopeful he'll move himself back head-down in the next few days.

My grandmother said something the other day in regards to being unable to sleep that I'd never heard before and thought was nice: When you can't count sheep, count your blessings. Well, my sheep aren't trained very well, so I'm going to go crawl back into bed and think of all of the things I have to be grateful for. Something that has been crawling up that list lately is my jacuzzi tub. The bathroom renovation is complete but for a few little details, and I've been spending a good deal of time soaking in that wonderfully-deep tub. Jason likes the jets, but I'm more into having almost my whole body - belly included - submerged in gravity-defying warm water. Anyway, I've got to get some photos of the bathroom up on FoleyFun soon. It really is an amazing transformation.
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